Creating digital economies through ecommerce

We use technology to give you access to a digital economy and your customers a store experience from their couch. 

They trust us:
The Wonders of Online Shopping

The ecommerce experience

Gone are the days of going to malls, braving crowds, and walking through aisles for hours trying to find what we want. These steps have been replaced by a simple, fast, and convenient process that everyone can accomplish with access to the internet.

Without online safety, everything just crumbles down

The importance of cybersecurity

We do everything necessary to create a safe and secure space for your online business, like investing in cybersecurity and other systems to protect your data. Doing this will ensure you and your consumers avoid cyber threats and any malicious attacks online.

Understanding technology's power and influence

How technology has changed the way we shop

Customers rely more on e-commerce and the convenience it presents: shopping from home with just a few simple taps on one’s device. Its influence includes shaping a “buy-now” mindset and increased expectations of a clutter-free shopping experience.

How it changes the way we communicate and interact

The importance of ecommerce technology

Taking your business online means securing your platform and preventing all forms of security data breach. This is why it’s crucial to include advanced threat detection in your information security management initiatives.

The ease of setting up an online shop with us


Purchase a domain name

Choose a domain that best represents your brand.


Develop on a secure ecommerce service

We us a customisable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress.


Add a secure SSL certificate

Gain the trust of your customers through SSL security.


Open a secure internet merchant account

Manage online payments wisely.


Select a payment service provider

We use trusted, secured and local online payment providers. Secure online payment processing.


Merge online store to Facebook and Instagram

Display and sell products on Facebook and Instagram also.

Do you have an ecommerce project you would like to get underway?

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The impact of e-commerce on our customers

Customer Satisfaction Impact

Online shopping can change the way our customers see us.

Customers can now easily buy your products or services without being limited to local options.

No more phone lines or queues. If they need help, they can send a DM or start a chat with your business using social media, WhatsApp or a bot on your website.

Customers won’t just get to know your products, they will also get to know your company.

The impact of e-commerce on our business

Business Growth Impact

Online shopping can change the way we do business.

We can now tap markets from all over the world.

We can now also generate revenue from social media and content marketing.

We can get a market share of well-known conglomerates.


Who We Are

An e-commerce company with an entrepreneurial spirit. Economerce is a newly emerged, fast-growing business started by a digital marketer, that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing e-commerce solutions and giving business owners access to their own digital economy.