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Digital Marketing
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The digital marketing ecosystem

Introduction to online marketing

Learn to understand the marketing component that uses the internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote your business, products and or services.

Tools, insights and resources to reach and connect with your customers

Creating an online marketing ecosystem

We understand that not all startups have a big budgets to allocate to paid advertising and marketing strategies. Learn how to use various social media tools and give understanding to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, WordPress, SEO and even Canva as business tools.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
why you have to go digital

Using digital technology to grow your business

Customers rely heavily on the internet and the convenience it presents: shopping from home with just a few simple taps on one’s device. Your job is to understand this behaviour in order to successfully sell your business

It's not just a marketing tool

Social media advertising is critical

With fewer customers walking into stores and restaurants these days, small businesses have had to find new ways to sell and reach customers online. Facebook’s free tools and personalized ads are a lifeline for many small businesses starting up.

Digital Marketing

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22 March 2022
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Business Ecosystem

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28 March 2022
9am -12pm

LinkedIn & LinkedIn Ads

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29 March 2022
9am -12pm

Meta Business Suite

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Learn how to scale your business using these tools



Learn how to get started with the tools for your business to thrive on Facebook and Instagram.



Reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network.



Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps.



Improve your website's ranking, increase traffic, and create awareness in search engines like Google.



Understand the worlds most used web builder to self-develop, publish and grow your business online.



Customise an office template, or design a professional product or business promo to advertise.

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The impact of our solutions on your business

Customer Satisfaction Impact

Developing your online tools can change the way our customers see us.

Customers can now easily communicate with you and buy your products or services without being limited to local or traditional options.

No more phone lines or queues. If they need help, they can send a DM or start a chat with your business using social media, WhatsApp or a bot on your website.

Customers won’t just get to know your products, they will also get to know your company.

Your online activity directly impacts business sales

Strong growth requires strategy

Adhering to online marketing can change the way we do business.

We can now tap markets from all over the world.

We can now also generate revenue from social media and content marketing.

We can get a market share of well-known conglomerates.


Who We Are

We are a digital marketing company with an entrepreneurial spirit. Economerce is a newly emerged, fast-growing business that started as a digital marketing agency in 2016. We aim to meet a marketplace need by giving our partners tailored digital marketing solutions and helping them to scale their business.

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